Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Leonard's go on "Cation".....

Well it has been a while.... Lets see Ally Jo you got your second haircut from Stephanie and now you look like a big girl. You would tell us "I want Olivia hair" so we had to cut it like Lou Lou's. You look up to your older cousins so much. Wyatt you are starting to talk more and more everyday. You can say "Jo Jo, ball and your favorite dog dog". You even told Mimi "Luv Lou" for the first time and of course you have not said it to me or daddy. So Mimi is loving that one. You are also turning into a big Pop's boy, you go to Pop's over anyone right now. It breaks Mimi's heart but Pops is eating it up (but of course Pops lets you do what ever you want and feeds you anything you want).
So we went on Vacation this weekend, as Ally would say "cation" and just got back today. We went to the Great Wolf Lodge in Texas and had a blast. You guys loved it. Ya ll loved the water park! Ally you made a friend there and you didn't want to be with the family anymore. You kept telling us to leave you two alone that you were playing. I just kept following you!! So that hurt Daddy and I feelings b/c you are only two and didn't want to be with us. I guess it was a glimpse into the future for us!! We went an ate at the Rain Forest Cafe, Allyson you loved it and Wyatt you surprised me and daddy, you got scared of the monkey so Mommy had to hold you the whole time. You were not a big fan of that experience, I think it was the first time you didn't finish your dinner! You both picked out toys there ( I think you both got toys in every store that we went too! but that is okay we were on "cation")!!! Our goal is to try and take you kids back every year from now on. We had a great time watching you two. We were sad to leave but so happy to be home and get to sleep in our own beds.

Allyson and Wyatt- We love you two so much and hope that we can give you lots of fun memories to remember!

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