Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Too Long.........

Okay, I am starting to get bad at writing on this blog not as much! Sorry kids!! I try to get on here every night but it just seems like it just gets so busy and when things get slow I just want to relax and go to bed.
Well let me tell yall a couple of things that has happened to last couple of days..... Allyson, Kenna got to stay the night with you. You just thought you were so cool to have her stay the night. We went to Wal-Mart and you two got matching pj's and dairies. Then we went to Little Caesars and got pizza. Kenna and you played dress up and jumped on your bed all night. We made daddy his valentine present and Kenna made her parents one. You guys painted pictures, by the end of the night we had paint everywhere. But mommy did good (I had not one meltdowns, I just let yall have fun). Then the next day was valentines day. Daddy surprised us with gifts, he got mommy the prettiest flowers, Allyson you got a rose that plays music, and brother you got a box of chocolates. Then when the Mocks came to pick up Kenna we had a nice little lunch with them. It was a great Valentines weekend.
Okay today was one of the scariest days of my life. Allyson you woke up this morning at like 5:45 and was having so problems breathing. I gave you some medicine, and then me and you went back to bed. By the time daddy got home you we were really struggling to breath. Daddy called Dr. Bowen and she wanted to see you right away. By the time we got to the doctors, you were still having problems and you could barley talk. So they checked your oxygen and gave you a breathing treatment. Dr Bowen would not let us leave until you were doing better on your breathing. She is thinking that you had an asthma attack. SCARY! SCARY! She says time will only tell if that is what you have. But right now you are on breathing treatments every 4-6 hours and a steroid. But Mommy and Daddy are going to pray a whole lot that you don't have asthma. Allyson you and your brother are my world, I hate to see yall hurt. Today Mommy wished that it was me and not you. It made me so sad to see my little girl scared and hurting. I wish I could of took it away from you. I will do everything in my power to make sure that you will never hurt like that again. I love you two more then I could ever explain.
PS Allyson, Mommy came right home and order you your Max and Ruby dolls that you have been wanting. It made me feel!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Leonard's go on "Cation".....

Well it has been a while.... Lets see Ally Jo you got your second haircut from Stephanie and now you look like a big girl. You would tell us "I want Olivia hair" so we had to cut it like Lou Lou's. You look up to your older cousins so much. Wyatt you are starting to talk more and more everyday. You can say "Jo Jo, ball and your favorite dog dog". You even told Mimi "Luv Lou" for the first time and of course you have not said it to me or daddy. So Mimi is loving that one. You are also turning into a big Pop's boy, you go to Pop's over anyone right now. It breaks Mimi's heart but Pops is eating it up (but of course Pops lets you do what ever you want and feeds you anything you want).
So we went on Vacation this weekend, as Ally would say "cation" and just got back today. We went to the Great Wolf Lodge in Texas and had a blast. You guys loved it. Ya ll loved the water park! Ally you made a friend there and you didn't want to be with the family anymore. You kept telling us to leave you two alone that you were playing. I just kept following you!! So that hurt Daddy and I feelings b/c you are only two and didn't want to be with us. I guess it was a glimpse into the future for us!! We went an ate at the Rain Forest Cafe, Allyson you loved it and Wyatt you surprised me and daddy, you got scared of the monkey so Mommy had to hold you the whole time. You were not a big fan of that experience, I think it was the first time you didn't finish your dinner! You both picked out toys there ( I think you both got toys in every store that we went too! but that is okay we were on "cation")!!! Our goal is to try and take you kids back every year from now on. We had a great time watching you two. We were sad to leave but so happy to be home and get to sleep in our own beds.

Allyson and Wyatt- We love you two so much and hope that we can give you lots of fun memories to remember!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Snowed In

Yesterday was a ice storm and then today it just snowed all day....... so we have been inside the last two days.

It was wonderful , besides Wyatt you were a little under the weather I think your tummy was hurting. Lets just say we went through lots of diapers today. Today was one of those days that I wish I could get at least once a month. I loved the weather! I loved being stuck inside with the whole family! I loved that we had no where to be! I loved that we all got to stay in our pj's! I loved that you two got to play and do whatever you wanted and Mommy didn't have one meltdown! I loved that Allyson got to watch Max and Ruby how ever many times you wanted! I loved that Wyatt got to sleep a lot today! I loved that Daddy didn't have to go to work! I loved that we had hot dogs and mac n cheese for dinner! I loved that Mommy caught up on laundry! I loved that we got to clean your rooms! Lets just say today was a good day at the Leonard house!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Hair Cut.....

So today is Tuesday and we do the same thing every Tuesday........
Mommy and us go to Mimi's house and play with our friends till 4..
Then we head to Moore and meet daddy for dinner somewhere...
Daddy and Wyatt go home and do boy stuff...
Mommy and Ally go to Tippi Toes and DANCE...
Mommy went to Tippi Toes and got you ready to dance just like I do every Tuesday. Here is Ally at her Tippi Toes, she is doing her favorite pose (they call it airplane arms)
And Daddy was supposed to take you home and play, but instead he took you home and decided to shave your head!!!! Even thou you look so cute. Mommy was so sad because I missed it. I missed your first haircut, I missed getting to have pictures of your first haircut, I missed getting to see your reaction, I missed getting to see your daddy when he was giving you your first haircut and most of all I just missed it. I know some people may not understand but I am your mama and I want to be there for all of your first. So I was so upset on the drive home from Tippi Toes and when Ally heard me tell daddy that I was sad I miss it, she sad "Mommy we are so sad" so the moment we walked in the door and she saw that daddy really cut your hair she just starting crying and she cried for like 10 minutes and she was so upset with daddy. Wyatt I know being a boy that this may not be important to you but I am going to be so sad that we don't have pictures to show you one day or at least to put in your baby book but daddy did do one good thing, he did keep your hair!!!!!!! So that is the story about your first hair cut.........

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Date Night

We got invited to one of Michael's coworkers weddings. So we decided to make a date night of it. We went out to eat before hand, we decided on Zios. Then we went to the reception and had a blast. I got to meet a lot of the people that he works with. It was nice to finally get to put a face with the name. Michael may of had a better time then me, he got to have a couple of drinks (okay maybe more then a couple) but I had a blast just sitting back and watching some of them make fools of themselves. They were all out there dancing and having a great time. I met some of the wives, and some I liked better then others. Well after that we came home, and enjoyed each other company. Then off to bed and I think I slept till like noon, yeah I haven't done that in along time. As soon as I finally rolled out of bed, I went straight to Mimi and Pop's house to pick up the kiddos. Then Mimi and us went to our favorite place in the world WAL-MART. Yes I know I would live there if I could and yes they do get all of our money, so I guess we could call it our bank. Anyways when I got home we played hide and seek ( Allyson you just learned how to play this game and now you want to play it all the time) we had a blast. So it was a great weekend, sad to see it over but I am ready to get back on schedule.