Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Anniversary Night

So our anniversary is today. We have been married for 7 wonderful years. Well we decided to go out and celebrate the big occasion last night since we both had the whole day off. Well this is how it all went down. Allyson had a ear doctor appointment so after that we dropped the kids off at Mimi and Pops house. We headed to the movie theater to see Aviator and eat in the balcony. We got there and of course they were sold out. Then we just decided to go eat and see the Blind Side, well we got done eating at 7:15 and the movie started at 9:45, we didn't want to stay out that late (yes I know we are nerds). So we walked around the mall to waste time, got bored of that real quick. Went to see if there was a movie to rent and just our luck, nothin we want to see. So then I came up with the idea to go to a drive-inn movie and of course they are closed for the season. So we just laughed about everything and decide to go home. So we ended up watching all of our Monday night shows and hanging out just the two us. It was a good time and I think that both of us had a blast. We needed a night like that, just me and my best friend in the whole wide world. He is the greatest thing that is ever happen to me and I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to have a great man like him to call my husband.

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