Thursday, January 7, 2010

Long Day

So today has been a long one. I have had alot on my mind (you know everyday problems). I know that I have so much to be thankful for but sometimes I wonder if I am ever going to get things caught up or to calm down. I should be counting my blessing instead of worrying about the things I don't have like my 2 healthy happy babies, my perfect and wonderful husband, and the amazing home that we have and created. I should be so excited too because we are going to the Brad Paisley concert tomorrow night and some things that were suppose to happen have all fallen through. You know it has been that kind of week. It was going to be this big date night and now we are going to the concert and straight home. I know that we will have a blast when we get there because I will be with my hubby and when we are together we have a blast no matter what. So I am meanly looking forward to that. Plus it is going to be the first time my baby boy has stayed the night away from us, so I am kinda sad about that. At least they will be with Mimi so I know they will be loved and safe there (like I said they would rather be there then with us). I will miss and think of my babies the whole night. Anyways Michael is leaving for work so we have to go give kisses and hugs now. Bye Bye

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  1. Things happen for a reason, so just remember that. I know you will hate hearing this but everything will fall into place, you are the best mother, sister, friend, daughter, and wife I know-always know that..Love you siser!!