Monday, January 4, 2010

We had a very crazy day today. It was Michael's day off . So we wanted to go see a movie and let the kids go to Mimi and Pop's house. We decided to go see Sherlock Holmes (very good by the way). On the way to Mimi and Pop's house we were driving down the interstate and the person in front of us, their tire just went flying off and hit our car ,we ran over their tire so that caused us to have a flat. Allyson got very scared she goes "Mommy I am just so scared" and Wyatt was upset, Michael was so worried about getting us off the interstate as fast as he could without us getting hit. It was not very fun! So now we have to buy a new tire, but O well things happen. So that was our busy and crazy day today. Thank god no one was hurt! Well gotta jet off to bed now. Good night!!

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