Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back On Schedule

So today was the first day back on schedule since the holidays have been over. I went back to work with my mom at the daycare. The kids were happy to back with all of their friends and cousins but mainly to be with their MIMI (they would live with her if we would let them)! Wyatt was also excited that Pops didn't have to work today so he got to be held all day and he got to eat with Pops all day. Allyson went back to Tippi Toes and got to learn lots of new dances and she has missed her little friend Ava so much so they had to run around the classroom for the first 15 minutes before the could calm down enough to get involved in the dances with the rest of their class. They are so cute at that age. After Tippi Toes was over we came home the kids played for a little bit but mainly they fought the whole time until they went to bed. And now Michael and I are getting ready for bed. Our last night together before he goes to work, but he only has to work Wednesday and Thursday and then he is off Friday for the Brad Paisley. We are so excited!!!

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