Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lazy Sundays My Favorite

Well today was the topical Sunday at the Leonard house. We woke up around 8 this morning because Wyatt was ready to play. Then I went and picked Allyson up from Mimi and Pop's house. Then me and her were off to Wal-Mart and spent way to much money there like we always do. Then came home picked up the house. Had the best dinner ever chicken and dumplings my favorite. And then off to watch our Sunday night shows. Both of the kiddos were in bed by 9:45. So I just got done picking up all their toys and now me and the hubby are off to bed. Just wanted to tell about my day. Nothing to excited just a great day with the family and those are my favorite kind of days.
PS Allyson wanted Wyatt to play Tinkerbell with her. When he started hitting everyone with his wand and not playing the way she wanted him to. She was upset and said "This is not the way we play Tinkerbell" so it didn't last long.

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