Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Concert

Well the concert was last night and we had such an amazing night. We went to see Justin Moore, Miranda Lambert, and Brad Paisley. They all three were great, but Brad Paisley is so amazing and such a great entertainer. We were running a little late to the concert because of me (go figure), so we ran through a drive thru to get something to eat on the way there. Then we got there and had to wait for the doors to open and it was like 10 degrees outside so that was alot of fun. Finally got in and enjoyed the show (very much). We came straight home after the concert and it was late for us like midnight (can't remember the last time we stayed out that late). I know we are nerds. Then I ended up following asleep on the couch, why Michael had a couple more beers and watched that 70 show. We woke up at like 11 and Michael made me breakfast, it was a nice ending to our big date night. Then we were off to pick up the little ones. Wyatt did awesome I don't even think he missed us. I know Allyson didn't because she didn't even come home with us, she is staying the night again with her Mimi and Pops. Surprising I know. The rest of the day was laid back with a little bit of cleaning. Well Wyatt is calling I got to get him ready for bed. Will write tomorrow. Goodnight.

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